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What are the early symptoms of pleural effusion

In recent years, the number of patients with pleural effusion has increased year by year, which is inseparable from the living environment and habits of patients. If there is more pleural effusion, it will cause dyspnea, wheezing, protein exudation in the body and malnutrition.

Pleural effusion

In and out of the pleural cavity, the water and fluid lose balance, and the amount exceeding the absorption will produce pleural effusion (also known as pleural effusion)! The nature of pleural effusion is generally divided into exudate and leakage, and its etiology and nature are different.

The harm of pulmonary hydrops?

Hydrops mainly damages human lungs, resulting in chest pain, cough, dyspnea and other symptoms, which has a great impact on patients' life and work.

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