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What is pleural effusion?

Under normal conditions, there is a small amount of fluid in the sternum. Slowly, human life can be enough to keep everything normal. But if the fluid in the sternum increases, that means this abnormal condition. If pleural effusion is found to increase, treatment should be carried out immediately, otherwise the damage to the body is very great.

The thorax is a potential space between the lung and the chest wall. In all normal conditions, there will be a thin layer of liquid in the sternum. This small amount of liquid can make you inhale more smoothly. This liquid is not always in place. Every time a person inhales, the liquid is filtered out, digested and absorbed. It is such a balanced situation. When the liquid is filtered out too quickly and digested and absorbed very slowly, it will cause pleural effusion.

This kind of physiological fluid in the chest increases and accumulates, which is a very common clinical medical syndrome. According to different production systems, pleural effusion can be divided into extravasation and leakage pleural effusion. The mechanical equipment of refrigerator is related to many basic diseases. Therefore, in the treatment of pleural effusion, patients should explain their medical records in detail with the doctor and describe their various diseases in detail, which is beneficial to the accuracy of pleural effusion diagnosis.


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